Battle of Books 2016


He who comes second is not the first to lose.....

Thanks to Mr Kunkel and our headmaster Mr Bauer who have made it possible for the fourth time, 22 students from our school participated in the „Battle of Books“ 2016!

At this contest, the pupils had to compete with other schools having to answer questions about different books like „Wizard of Oz“ or „Diary of a Wimpy Kid“.On the 16th of February 2016 we started with the train from Schweinfurt to Nuremberg We had just one destination, to achieve the final round, but therefore we had to reach the top 4, we knew this would be a formidable challenge. During the train ride some of us were still preparing the books, nervousness was perceptible. Which questions would expect us?

We arrived in Nuremberg and walked to the venue. Immediately we were dressed with our turquoise competition shirts. Afterwards the contest began. Nobody wanted to disappoint our beloved coach Mr Kunkel. After an exciting preliminary round we reached the final round, we rejoiced when we heard that we were the team with the highest score. After a tough fight in the final round, we lost with a very close 4:6 and reached an amazing second place out of 18 participating Bavarian schools as the best FOS/BOS in the competition.

It was just an amazing day, and all of us were very proud!

Next battle is coming..... :! Hopefully with a team from Schweinfurt...

Nicolas Baumgärtner, FW13b





The team decided to donate their trophy money to the English department so that the team of 2017 could be equipped with the books required for the Battle. Thanks a bunch for this noble deed!

Thorsten Kunkel, Coach


Books to be read:

  1. Brave New World
  2. Farewell to Arms
  3. The Joy Luck Club
  4. Wizard of Oz
  5. House on Mango Street
  6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  7. The Awakening
  8. Mona in the Promised Land
  9. Virgin Suicides
  10. True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


Schmitt, Benedikt; Beckenbauer, Anna-Lea (BTW13), Haase, Peter; Volland Angelina; Sachs, Wanda; Braun, Adriana (FS13), Hick, Lars; Junger, Laura; Keller, Alina; Sawrin, Michael; Baumgärtner, Nicolas; Scholl, Melanie; (FW13b), Dombrowski, Julia; Straub, Niklas (FT13), Härterich, Laura; Demuth, Leonie; Bindrim, Lena; Greulich, Kerstin; Gajst, Jennifer; Göb, Hannah; Kießling, Fee; Beugel, Viola (FW13a)


Points (Prel. Round) School Tiebreak Results Final Rank
175 BOS Schweinfurt   2nd Place
160 Balthasar-Neumann Gym. Marktheidenfeld   1st Place
140 BO Regensburg   4th Place
120 Willibald Gymnasium Eichstätt

Tiebreaker Round
5 points

3rd Place
120 BOS für Sozialwesen Nürnberg

Tiebreaker Round
0 points

120 Willstätter Gymnasium

Tiebreaker Round
2 points

90 BO Amberg    
90 Herder-Gymnasium Forcheim    
85 Gymnasium Casimirianum Coburg    
80 Albert-Schweizer Gymnasium    
80 Gymnasium Roth    
65 Luitpold Gymnasium München    
60 Hermann-Kesten-Kolleg    
60 Bertolt-Brecht-Schule    
55 Gymnasium Fridericianium Erlangen    
50 Sigmund-Schuckert Gymnasium    
45 Adam-Kraft Gymnasium Schwabach    
45 Neues Gymnasium Nürnberg    

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