"Christmas? - Pah, Humbug!"

A Christmal Carol in the FS13a

Ebenezer Scrooge. A name everybody knows, especially in the time before Christmas. Scrooge is a really stingy man who has lost the love of his life. To warn Scrooge, his dead business partner Marley appears to him as a ghost a night before Christmas. He announces Scrooge that three spirits are coming to change his view of Christmas and to bring love back into his life. He visits Past Christmas, Present Christmas and Future Christmas, but is it possible to change Scrooge? Or is it possible to change the future?

Hopefully, the majority of you know the end of the story.

But if not, do it like class FS13a with Mr. Kunkel. We read the book in class because of three reasons: To improve our English skills and to get a good feeling for our final exams, because the story is easy to understand. The third reason was our visit to the theatre of Schweinfurt. The group “TNT music Theatre Britain” accomplished it to represent the story of Scrooge with only six people (normally there are round about 20 characters). The actors changed their characters so impressively the audience did not have any problems to understand which actor was which character in each and every moment. But they were not just professional, they also entertained the spectators in a way, everybody will remember for a long time. The most special scene was when the Spirit of Present Christmas climbed down from the stage and threw sweets.

So we think we can speak for the whole class, when we say: Thank you Mr. Kunkel for this experience and please everybody, visit a show of “TNT music Theatre Britain”!


Elisa Dacho, Valentina Seubert, FS13a


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