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The English Book Club recommends…

…Moonrise – a novel written in free verse

Cover Moonrise

Thank you for introducing me to the dark, hopeless and unfair world of Edward Moon, which is a reality for too many people who have been imprisoned on false charges. I enjoyed the style of the book, the verses made it easy to read and added a certain depth to the story. The storyline often made me realize how cruel and wrong the death penalty is. I hope this book can create an impact that helps fighting this issue.

Niklas Kleinhenz, FS12b

This book really knew how to build up my emotions by using flashbacks within the story, especially near the end of the book. I admired that you got to know the people better with the help of those flashbacks, how they feel and why they act like they do.

Furthermore, it highlights a difficult yet important subject: the flawed justice system in America.

It is also worth mentioning the unusual way the book was written: like a poem. I was freer in my imagination and could better understand the emotions.

Leonie Dittrich, FW12c

The story was really heart-warming and I had a great time with it. The way it was written made a really strange impression on me at first, but the further I read, the more fun I had. The relationship between Joe and Nell was super exciting and also the whole family situation of Joe is worth reading. All in all, I can say that it is a good book and I would recommend it anytime.

Jennifer Gropp, FS12b

I really liked the story. It was interesting and something different for me. I liked especially that Joe talks a lot about his childhood. That made it easier for me to understand all the other characters in the book. However, I disliked that in the end it is not clear whether Ed is innocent or not. But, overall, the book was nice to read.

Sophia Thürmer, FS12b


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